Create an Environment conducive to Great Camera Work

Acquired the services of a Photographer and Videographer for your wedding: Create an Environment conducive to Great Camera Work.

It must come as a surprise that you are still required to do some work when you have hired experts to capture your wedding day. No need to worry, you won’t even break a sweat. All you are required to do is create an environment conducive to Capturing great moments.

1.     Make Time

When it comes to wedding Photography and Videography you need to allow for sufficient time to take all those creative and special moments. At least factor in 45minutes to 1hour on average. Discuss the time required with your service providers but the key is to allow ample time. Another option to consider which has worked well for some weddings is having a photoshoot in the morning prior to the wedding. Culture shock? This only works well where all families and protocol approve, otherwise stick to the traditional slot after the matrimonial service.

2.     Let Love reign Supreme

The wedding is there to celebrate the union of two people that are in love and this needs to come to life through the lens. The service providers will capture all the moments but the couple has to allow Love and romance to naturally shine. Some couples might hold back and find it hard to let romance shine in front of an audience but the best pictures are those where Love reigns supreme.

For this to successfully happen the couple has to just relax and allow for their Love to speak where you hold hands when you feel like it, Kiss like you would or wish to normally. I know sometimes this is hard to do in front of an audience but please do Look each other in the eyes and remember to smile. The Camera will then bring these elements to live with artistic direction.

3.     Have fun

Some couples are tempted to keep a serious face and restrict emotions from showing. However it is important to remember that this is your wedding celebration and you should shake things up a bit and smile accompanied by dancing. There is no need to panic, get a good night sleep and let ‘loose’ on your wedding day. Some couples are ‘playful’ in nature and these natural good tendencies will allow the lens to capture a plethora of great images.

4.     Backdrop

In an enclosed area like a hall or a tent the presence of an enclosed backdrop or background is important. An open space or the presence of windows in the background allows for incoming light that opposes the light setup by the camera crew. To elaborate on this point, if the wedding is held in a tent the side where the bridal party seats or where the program director speaks from should be enclosed. In the same breath it is advisable to avoid seating in front of windows.

5.     Avoid white on white

Avoid white objects on a plain white background. This relates to the bridal party dressed in white seating or standing in front of a white background. It is not impossible to work around this situation but it is best if it can be avoided. At least defuse the all-white with a hint of some colour either on the Deco or on the dress code. White absorbs light and it would mean that the background needs to be lit separately to the foreground.

6.     Let there be Light

Where possible employ the services of a Lighting company who will not only provide lighting but include intelligent lighting that will help align the mood to the wedding theme. However not everyone can afford this and Videographers and Photographers will bring their own lighting but it helps when this adds to good lighting already in place at the venue. Do not choose an overly dark venue that could make life a bit difficult for the lens to work.

When all these elements are taken care of it will be easier for the lens to operate and produce good quality images. The environment will then be sound for everyone to operate in.

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