Create an Environment conducive to Great Camera Work

Acquired the services of a Photographer and Videographer for your wedding: Create an Environment conducive to Great Camera Work. It must come as a surprise that you are still required to do some work when you have hired experts to capture your wedding day. No need to worry, you won’t even break a sweat. All you are required to do is create an environment conducive to Capturing great moments. 1.     Make Time When it comes to wedding Photography and Videography you need to allow for sufficient time to take all those creative and special moments. At least factor in 45minutes […]

Planning your own wedding: It’s about time

Wedding planners know the importance of time management where every aspect of the event is planned according to time. Time has been devised to assist us effectively plan our lives and put things in order, but it can easily become the foe instead of a friend. Time is an integral part of wedding planning and the ignorance of this aspect can make the most important day of your life a nightmare. Time management transcends from the time you start planning where everything is scheduled to be completed by certain dates leading up to the big day itself. This scheduling does […]