Planning your own wedding: It’s about time

Wedding planners know the importance of time management where every aspect of the event is planned according to time. Time has been devised to assist us effectively plan our lives and put things in order, but it can easily become the foe instead of a friend. Time is an integral part of wedding planning and the ignorance of this aspect can make the most important day of your life a nightmare.

Time management transcends from the time you start planning where everything is scheduled to be completed by certain dates leading up to the big day itself. This scheduling does not only apply to the initiation stage of the event but to the day itself. The schedule or running order basically breaks down the work to be achieved according to time and personnel in charge.

One way to effectively manage a wedding timorously is to write a mind map of everything that is needed, the personnel to carry it out and the time frame within which things are to be completed. With regards to the actual day what also helps is a walkthrough of the whole event whilst adding time to activities and remember to allow for extra time on all activities to be on the safe side. Set time deadlines of when you need certain information like which of the family members could possibly need transport and let them know via invitation cards that failure to meet the deadline will lead to them making their own plan. Let service providers also know your plans with regards to time and where possible ask for their input as well. For example the photographers could propose the average 45minutes photoshoot whilst the wedding presiding officer could also discuss the direction of the Matrimonial with you.

The key to completing the scheduling task is to ensure that you take care of all the little details. Most people only focus on the time it takes to carry out the main activities like the matrimonial service starting at 10h00 but forget to calculate the time it will take everyone to drive from their homes and be seated at the venue. Even upon arrival at the churchyard the time for the bridal party to move into the hall must be factored in.

To illustrate this further let us look at the issue of cars that ferry the couple and families from their homes to the venue. It is taken into consideration that sometimes prior allocation of time and cars to family members especially in African weddings can be a challenge because of the large families which attend, but; improving this element can save a lot of time. Transporting the Family of the groom and bride to the church is one activity but from a time point of view there are sub tasks that must be well timed so that the wedding can start on time. These include the following: When the cars arrive at the wedding venue it must be known in advance where each one will park individually and in what sequence the bridal party will move from their cars to the actual venue. At what point will music be played to usher in the bridal party? Does the DJ know when and which songs to play? All these are questions that should be asked and allocated time with all parties involved being aware of this.

Another reason time can’t be ignored is that most wedding service providers such as photographers charge costs according to time and this is where the notion of Time is money plays an important role. Going over the scheduled time can lead to extra costs or even some service providers leaving during the wedding and not to mention the prospect of everyone being kicked out of the venue.

Time is a precious and special gift that if taken seriously can contribute to the negation of poor quality and allow the couple to enjoy a great celebration with family and friends.

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