He is the Father

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What is the book about?

Tears, defeat and helplessness summarize the emotions felt by most parents today.
In an ever-raging- battle between the youth and social ills that threaten their future,
parenting help is vital. Suicide, poverty and teenage come ‘children’ pregnancy,
terrorize the young ones in ways previously unimagined. Whether you have just
given birth or your children are already growing up, the good news is that you need
not worry any more, their Father (God) is here.
He is the Father stimulates the development of young people holistically, which is
physically, academically and spiritually. All this is developed on the good foundation
of a loving family and the manual (Bible) established by the ultimate Father.
The Father must be allowed to take charge whilst we have faith in his leadership,
which is what Mary and Joseph did when they raised Jesus. Children are a gift from
the Father and no one knows them better than their Creator.